New year, new kitchen: The best kitchen renovations for 2019 in Halifax Nova Scotia

New Year, New Kitchen! If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen renovation, 2018 is the perfect year to do it! From crisp, clean modern designs to rustic, natural designs, 2018 kitchen renovation trends offer something for everyone. Maybe you’re kitchen space isn’t being used as well as it could be or you just want to update a tireless space – whatever your looking for in a kitchen renovation MCK Kitchen and Bath can provide professionally, affordably and with exceptional results. Here are some of the most popular trends in kitchen renovation 2018:

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White and grey continue to be popular color choices in 2018. White offers a clean, crisp look that is easily accentuated with hardware and backsplashes. A kitchen renovation that uses grey as a dominate color offers sophistication and warmth to the room. Both of white and grey offer a wide range of choices for appliance finishes, floor finishes and kitchen cabinetry. Depending on the mood you want to create with your kitchen renovation, white and grey offer timeless looks to enhance your kitchen.


Kitchen renovations in 2018 offer new and diverse storage solutions. Pull out storage space and built-in organizational storage have become popular additions to kitchen renovation, enabling a more functional space within a clean, clutter-free design. Kitchen renovations in 2018 are creating more innovative storage ideas within kitchen cabinetry to create an organized space that is easy to work in.


Aligned with innovative storage solutions, kitchen renovations in 2018 include multi-functional concepts and lots of open space. Kitchen islands in 2018 may include an area of food preparation, a wine fridge, storage space and a seating area. The area above kitchen cabinets are rarely left open as they have been in previous years. Instead, kitchen cabinets in 2018 fill that space with added storage contained within the cabinets. The open concept kitchen continues to be popular in 2018 enabling more space for social events and multi-use areas.


Many 2018 kitchen renovations are “designed from the floor up.” The flooring is no longer selected after everything else in the kitchen has been chosen. Many kitchen designs in 2018 are designed with a vibrant, colorful or patterned floor and the cabinets and appliances are chosen to complement the floor. But the floor finishes don’t have to be vibrant to be the focal points of the kitchen. Dark, wooden floors are popular as are natural distressed finishes.


kitchen renovation trend from 2017 that continues to be popular in 2018 is the use of rustic and natural finishes. Cabinets and countertops may be grainy wood finishes while backsplashes may be in natural colors with raised stone to add texture. The rustic natural finishes bring the feel and mood of an old farmhouse into 2018.

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