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Anything but boring!

Joyce’s family came to us seeking an overall improvement in their kitchen. The old cabinets had tired, peeling finishes, it was dark, and most of all there was a serious lack of counter space for food preparation. As the main cook in the house, Joyce was frustrated by the lack of organization options for storing pantry goods. A built-in table & glass display hutch, which once provided a place for the young grandchildren in the house to do crafts at while Grandma cooked, now took up valuable real estate in the heart of the home. With the children now grown and out of the house, it was time to get this kitchen working again.

To minimize the scale of this renovation and therefore the interruption to their lives, and because the “bones” of the space worked well, the main elements of the kitchen (stove, sink, and fridge) did not change locations. Instead, we focused on improving the surrounding cabinetry to better suit their needs. The upper cabinets were raised all the way to the ceiling to provide additional storage for lesser-used items, and the open display shelves by the sink were omitted in favour of larger regular cabinets to hide away all the most-often used dishware in the home.

The pantry cabinet at the right of the fridge was replaced with a taller, slightly wider model, now with 5 inner rollouts drawers for easy access to pantry items. The bottom rollouts were thoughtfully designed to be taller than standard, so that large canisters of dry goods could easily be stored without falling out when the drawer is opened and closed.

The former hutch/table area saw the largest transformation, with the table section removed entirely in favour of a large piece of countertop for food prep, storage galore with 9 new drawers, and an open floating shelf to ensure Joyce still had a home for her beloved teapot collection.

Style-wise, the couple were not afraid of colour, and in fact requested that their new space not feel like “every kitchen you see online”. Drawn to our light blue paint, light grey, and white, Victoria, our designer, carefully mixed these three colours together to create a kitchen that is light, fresh, and anything but boring. The quartz countertops, in polished white Hanstone Tranquility, were brought up the walls onto the backsplash for a super easy-to-clean and sleek look. If you’ve ever had to take a toothbrush to the tile grout in your kitchen, then you will probably understand what an exciting upgrade this seamless backsplash was for the clients.

After many weeks of careful planning, patience, and hard work, this beautiful new kitchen is a space that the homeowners are sure to enjoy for many years to come. This project came together so well that Joyce was kind enough to allow us in to document the final results. Even Louis the family cat agrees it was all worth it.

If you’re thinking that it may be time to get your own kitchen working hard for you again, please give us a call! One of our talented designers like Victoria can’t wait to sit down and talk with you about how we can create your dream space together!  

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