4 Kitchen remodeling ideas to increase the value of your Halifax home


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Homeowners thinking about remodelling their kitchen usually want to update the look, enhance the space and create a kitchen they will love. But did you know that a kitchen remodel drastically increases the value of your home? The 2014 report by Remodeling Magazine reports a kitchen remodeling provides one of the best return of investment at 93%! The kitchen is of great interest to prospective home buyers and having a kitchen that has been remodeled, has quality kitchen cabinets and is modern can increase the value of your home and the appeal of your home to prospective buyers. There are a few kitchen remodelling that can add the most value to your home.

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There are many stock cabinets available on the market that are easily installed and easily available. However, by hiring a professional kitchen designer and professional kitchen cabinet maximize your space, modernize the look of your kitchen and install cabinets that are high quality and built to last. A professional kitchen designer will create a kitchen layout that maximizes your space and provides greater value to your home. By installing custom kitchen cabinets, you have increased the durability and the quality of your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are a key way to increase the value of your home.


High quality countertops are another way to add value to your kitchen and your home. For years granite was considered the leader in high quality countertops and given the durability, appearance and price of granite countertops, they continue to be valued investments. But modern countertops offer unique choices such as wood, stainless steel and soap stone that offer equal quality, appearance and are considered valued investments. Given the selection and resilience of engineered stone countertops such as quartz, these too have become acceptable high quality countertops that add value to your home.


High efficiency, modern and built-in appliances are also considered as value adding additions during a kitchen remodel. Choosing high end appliances that complement the style and appearance of the kitchen are excellent choices to increase the overall value of your home. Stainless steel appliances have long been considered value adders but in recent years a diverse selection of colours and materials in high end appliances has created much more diversity in selection. Ensuring appliances are as efficient as possible, are placed in appropriate locations and are highly functional will increase the value of your home.


Using a professional kitchen designer and professional remodelers will also allow you to use the kitchen space more effectively. Custom kitchen cabinetry, countertop size and space and seating arrangements will increase the space of the kitchen and offer a higher value to your home.

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Call MCK Kitchen and Bath today to begin exploring the options and learn about how much you can increase the value of your home!

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